RIBZ front pack

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With the RIBZ front pack you’ll have everything available immediately, without having to take your backpack off and back on from your shoulders.

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Reach easily for the gear you need when you need it. RIBZ front pack gives you the ability to ditch your pack at base camp or hostel and keep your most important backpacking gear with you at all times. Simple access will save time and provide accessibility to all important items as quickly as possible. Keep the items you want close by where you can get them quickly.


Fully compatible with any backpack to be worn at the same time or by itself. You can pack the RIBZ front pack with the items requiring easy access (camera, money, passport, maps, flashlight, knife…), while carrying everything else inside your backpack.


Evenly distribute and create a more comfortable pack configuration with the RIBZ front pack. For the same reason a backpack provides more even weight distribution, a front pack helps in relocating a portion of the user’s weight forward for a better balanced load. Better balance gives better posture and increases mobility.


Save time packing for every trip and eliminate constant retrieval from your backpack. Having your primary backpacking gear packed along with your RIBZ front pack keeps you ready at a moments notice. A quick day hike, extended overnight, or for longer adventures. You’ve got your most critical gear ready for anything.


Built with top materials such as ultra-durable Cordura water resistant ripstop fabric and heavy-duty YKK zippers. RIBZ front pack has been designed and tested by backpacking gear experts, for avid sportsmen and backpacking gear enthusiasts. RIBZ Front Pack is backpacking gear at its best.


Volume/Capacity: 8 liters (S & M sizes) | 11 liters (L & XL sizes)

Dimensions (waist): 66-86 cm (S) | 86-96 cm (M) | 91-101 cm (L)

Weight: 312 g (all sizes)

Colors: black, green, grey

Información adicional

Peso 0.312 kg

Grey, Black, Green


S (Small), M (Medium), L (Large)


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