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Autumn is officially the season for premieres, new beginnings and slowing the pace of summer. With the daylights saving and the drop in temperatures, we go back to those weekends of sofa, blanket … and series!


Yes, at unuk we also into series, but above all we love imagining being in them. Walking, for example, through the streets of Atlanta, or the wild places of Iceland, or the paradisiacal beaches of Hawaii. And you? What are your favorite series? What series would you like to be the protagonist of? We cannot agree in a single one, so it has occurred to us to make a somewhat different post. One where we bring together the increasingly abundant number of series with our passion for travel, listing some travel ideas for some series locations. Are you in?

Time crossings in Scotland

Scotland does not need excuses to enter the list of escapes of any traveller worth its salt. Edinburgh is simply wonderful, and that Scottish green would well deserve its own entry into the color palette. Even so, touring some of the locations seen in Outlander seems like a great excuse to get lost in the castles of Doune, Aberdour or Linlithgow or the bucolic villages of Troon or Culross. In them, a nurse from World War II and a handsome warrior of the Highlands of the eighteenth century cross their lives.


Paranormal activity and other strange beings in Atlanta

For a long time, Atlanta was known as the city in which Coca Cola was born. Now it is because it is the city in which much of Stranger Things’ strange events take place and the city where the great zombie apocalypse of The Walking Dead began. There are many tours that are offered in this city that has taken advantage of the pull of two of the great series of recent times.


Chemistry classes in Albuquerque

Still in the United States. From Atlanta to Albuquerque following the steps of Breaking Bad. From the houses of Walter and Jesse Pinkman to the office of Saul Goodman through the mythical restaurant Los Pollos Hermanos. There are official tours, but it is possible to explore the many locations of the series for free and saving the $ 75 of the ticket.


Liverpool following the trail of Peaky Blinders

The ubiquitous Beatles are also indirectly part of one of the most iconic scenarios in this series that tells the story of a family of Irish gangsters. This is the mythical Madryn Street in the Dingle district. Among those buildings, which were saved from demolition in 2012, Ringo Starr was born.


Lost nostalgia

Those still missing Lost have an unforgettable trip opportunity in Hawaii, specifically to the most multicultural island of the archipelago: Oahu. There was where practically the entire series that changed the way of understanding this genre were shot. From the base camp on Papailoa Beach to Mokuleia Beach and through the lush Kaaawa Valley where mysterious apparitions and black fumes happened. Furthermore, in this very same valley films like Jurassic Park or Pearl Harbor were also shot.


And the crown’s jewel…

The eight seasons of Game of Thrones would almost allow to organize an extensive trip through Europe and North Africa. From the beauty of Dubrovnik’s tale and his ‘King’s Landing’ to the inhospitable Iceland in which Jon Snow discovers life beyond the wall. From the nature of Northern Ireland in which the Starks have their refuge to the most arid landscapes of Morocco with scenarios in cities such as Essaouira or Aït Bennhaddou.


Malta is another of the main countries in which the series were filmed, together with Spain from north to south. From Bermeo and Zumaya (Rocadragón) to the Real Alcazar of Seville and the Dorne gardens and making a technical stop in Girona and its cathedral, the Bardenas Reales in Navarra or the Zafra Castle in Guadalajara.

There are many places — countries, cities and natural parks — that host those series that we enjoy so much. There are only a few here, but you only need to surf the Internet to realize that it is becoming a rising trend. Are you part of it? Have you taken a trip to visit corners of movies or series?

As always, we would like to share it with you in 3, 2, 1…


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