Travelling gifts for Christmas (II)

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Almost without realizing we are back at the footsteps of Christmas and, as usual, it has caught us again without that anticipation that each year we reassure we will have when thinking about what to give to our family and friends. We admit that each year it is more and more complicated to surprise them with original and still useful gifts. But still, we have decided to make a new list of gifts for travellers that adds to the one you can find here from last year. Surely between one and the other you will find ideas for that person who, like you, loves above all to travel!


Sleep pack

At unuk we are dreamers, but our sleep is fragile. Therefore, we start with a useful proposal for those travellers who find it difficult to sleep outside home. This dream pack includes all it is needed, from sleep mask and plugs for those nights in which it is necessary to share space with more people, up to any of the many sleeping travel sheets and liners we offer. Temperature and comfort are important when heading for adventure.


Exotic cuisine

If last year we recommended classics such as a travel guide or a world map, this year we have opted for gastronomic literature. One of the best ways to get to know a place is through its gastronomy, so better idea than to give a good book of exotic recipes to remember trips or to discover new places to travel to.


Travel planner

Perfect to write down all those countries that we will discover through the exotic and traditional recipes of the previous book. There are all kinds, but this year we loved the idea of ​​having a ball of the world in which to write down with a marker, the countries to visit in the upcoming year.



This is a perfect gift for the most technological travellers. To the photo cameras — both the regular ones or the Gopro type ones — we added now a drone to tape from above everything that we discover during our trips. The offer has diversified so much in recent times that it is possible to find a semi-professional drone at a very good price.


Washing bag

You cannot miss that useful and practical gift that any good traveller will certainly appreciate. Sometimes we do not always buy these cool utensils designed specifically for backpacking trips. So surely you will appreciate a travel washing machine that will make you forget laundromats.


Travelling dreams

For those travellers who like their home to be a true reflection of their passion for adventure, it is always a good idea to give, for example, a Nordic bedding set with a world map. To dream of upcoming destinations.



Order and organization are important when travelling with a backpack. Things are always lost along the way when we pack and unpack so many times our luggage. So we love the idea of ​​giving away organizers of all sorts. Our favorites are those of cables and documents because, as well as practical, they can be beautiful and elegant. Here are some examples that you can find on our Web site.


Any idea or suggestion, as always, is welcome. This way we will be able to elaborate the definitive list of travelling gifts for the following year 😉

Happy holidays and travels!

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