Travel books to give as present on the International Book Day

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Time flies and, almost without realizing, one of our favorite days is back: April 23rd. That means that both Sant Jordi in Catalonia and the International Book Day throughout the country arrive. And, with it, the best excuse to continue enlarging our already extensive traveling book collection.

Last year there we had seven literary recommendations at unuk for you. This year, we are adding one more; eight in total. A mix of eight contemporary and classics literary works which we consider essential for all good travellers and readers worth their while. Here we go!

Around the world in 80 days, Jules Verne

Recomendaciones-libros-de-viajeWe start with a classic among the classics. This little jewel of the French writer was published in instalments in Le Temps in 1872. The same year in which the action of one of the most captivating adventures of universal literature is placed. The adventures of Briton Phileas Fogg and Picaporte, his assistant, will not leave you indifferent.

Into the Wild, Jon Krakauer

Recomendaciones-libros-de-viajePerhaps many of you have seen the film adaptation that Sean Penn made in 2007 of this real story in which, the young Christopher McCandless was found dead in Alaska after embarking on a ‘secret’ trip following his graduation from university. Jon Krakauer was captivated by a story he covered for Outside magazine and reconstructs Chris’s arduous journey through the testimonies of the last people who crossed paths with him and his adventure.

On the road, Jack Kerouac

Recomendaciones-libros-de-viajeAnother classic, although in this case a bit more modern. Considered by many to be the definitive work of the Beat generation, this novel contributed to the myth of Route 66 through an autobiographical account of the trips Kerouac and his friends made to the United States and Mexico in the 1940s. Jazz, poetry and drugs are a source of inspiration in a traveling and bohemian life story.

Don’t tell mom I’ve gone to Mongolia on motorcycle, Ricardo Fité

Recomendaciones-libros-de-viajeWith this title you can tell laughs are guaranteed in a real adventure that took the journalist Ricardo Fité to Mongolia. Two months of travelling between Barcelona and the Asian country in which Fité narrates his adventures and surprising anecdotes with a traveling romanticism that is increasingly difficult to find these days. Only in Spanish for now.

Mobile horizon, Daniele Del Giudice

Recomendaciones-libros-de-viajeAnother real story to continue feeding our traveling gene. Daniele Del Giudice tells us his expedition to Antarctica in 1990, mixing it with the true story of two other expeditions somewhat unknown to the white continent: by Giacomo Bove in 1882 and by Adrien de Gerlache de Gomery in 1897. Furthermore, the author fantasizes in a ghostly way, we must say,  with a hypothetical new visit to the region in 2007. So far only translated to Spanish from the Italian original.

Woman at Sea, Catherine Poulain

Recomendaciones-libros-de-viajeWe go back to the inhospitable Alaska with a novel that recounts the real adventure of this French author who joined a fishing fleet and for ten years lived the intense and hard experience of working in fishing business, fishing for  black cod and other deep sea species. Her adventures as a member of a rude all-male crew allow us to know the wildest and most authentic places in a region that has awakened the imagination of so many.

Walden, Henry David Thoreau

Recomendaciones-libros-de-viajeBack to the classics here with this essay in which Thoreau narrates the two years, two months and two days he lived in a cabin built by himself near Lake Walden. The American author intended to demonstrate with this experience that life in nature is the true life of the free man.

The naked tourist, Lawrence Osborne

Recomendaciones-libros-de-viajeWe close this list with an interesting proposal that tries to respond to the current travel book writing process’ and travel genre’s crisis — also affecting the actual trip. The author pursues an original journey, but it does not exist. That is why he leaves for Papua New Guinea in search of an experience beyond his limits and outside the tourist circuits.

So here you have it, another bunch of travel book recommendations for the upcoming International Book Day. Or, in fact, for any day looking for a book that can let our mind travel far, far away 😉

Happy travels!

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