Ten unforgettable train journeys

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Autumn makes us dreamers. The rainy days and that perfect thermal sensation to start practicing being a true coach-potato, wrapped in a blanket and letting oneself be carried away by our mind. They are days and weeks in which the next traveling adventures begin to take shape. Moments of investigating destinations, planning calendars and smiling knowing that we have new objectives in sight again. Does it happen to you too?


At unuk we started big. It does not make sense not to dream like that at the beginning. Then, we reconcile options with budgets and vacation days until finding the perfect trip for each moment. As for now, we have a very train-riding autumn start. We imagine ourselves traveling through large areas of territory and countries on board of a train. Therefore this article. We have taken the lead to investigate and read information about the great train journeys and we have made a selection. Specifically the ones we would like to go on. Are you joining?

  1. The Trans-Siberian (Russia-China)

The train routes around the world are many, but it is true that there are some so iconic that it is impossible not to mention them in this list. One of the most famous, if not the most famous of them, is the one that makes the Trans-Siberian, which links Russia with the coast of China through Mongolia. In total, 9,000 kilometers that can be covered in a week. Although most tourists make stops to discover, for example, the Gobi desert and sleep in gers.


  1. The Orient Express (Europe)

Another classic among the classics and that the writer Agatha Christie inmortalized in one of her most famous mystery novels. This train joins the cities of London, Paris and Venice aboard an authentic five-star hotel where Art Deco and haute cuisine mark the journey. It is not suitable for all pockets though.


  1. The Transcantábrico (Spain)

In Spain there are also great railway routes sometimes forgotten or in the background due to their proximity. This is the case of the Transcantábrico, a train that runs through the north of the peninsula from Santiago de Compostela to San Sebastian. It takes 8 days to complete the full journey on the edge of this train considered Great Luxury.


  1. The Danube Express (Europe)

Ten days are needed to travel from Istanbul to Prague on board the Danube Express. This trip with a strong aroma of a bohemian past goes through countries such as Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia or Poland, making interesting stops in places such as Transylvania.


  1. The Indian Pacific (Australia)

Australia is one of the best destinations to travel by train. There are several routes from east to west or from north to south that cross the Antipodes discovering us some Mars-like landscapes. Our favorite, undoubtedly, is what makes the Indian Pacific from Sydney to Perth. A journey that is covered in three days and that reveals corners and landscapes as different as the Blue Mountains or the desert plain of Nullarbor.


  1. The Denali Star (Alaska)

This rail line runs through the state of Alaska and links its two main cities: Anchorage and Fairbanks. With comfortable seats and large windows, this train allows you to enjoy an overwhelming landscape. Especially, in the vicinity of Mount McKinley, the highest in the United States with about 6,200 meters high. Its proximity to the Arctic Circle makes it one of the most demanding climbs on the planet.


  1. The train of the clouds (Argentina)

One of the most iconic trains, without a doubt, of the planet. It is located in Argentina and travels the 434 kilometers that separate the cities of Salta to La Puna in 16 hours and at a speed of 35km / hour. Its slowness is due to the peculiarity of the route and the terrain, since it climbs almost 3,000 meters and crosses 29 bridges, 21 tunnels and 13 viaducts.


  1. The Reunification Express (Vietnam)

Built by the French in the 1930s, this train links the two main cities of Vietnam. The stops between Hanoi and Ho Chi Ming are multiple and allow you to discover a country that hides great treasures and plenty of history.


  1. The Blue Train (South Africa)

A renovated locomotive and a wooden lined train offer tourists a mesmerizing journey between Pretoria and Cape Town. The landscape between these two South African cities is worth its weight in gold, about 1,400 dollars. Butlers, exquisite cuisine and all kinds of luxury thought for the tourist industry. There are, however, trains and alternative companies such as the Shosholoza Meyl that cover a similar route for a much more modest price and suitable for all budgets.


  1. The Palace on Wheels (India)

His name says it all. On this train one will feel like an authentic Indian rajah while enjoying a 7-day trip between New Delhi and Agra. The final destination could not be other than the imposing Taj Mahal. Jaipur, the region of the Tigers or the Palace of the Lake of Udaipur will be some of the stops in which to fall in love with a country of contrasts.


Traveling by train requires time and a special state of mind between joy and melancholy, to be able to look out the window and go through not only exterior landscapes, but also our insights. Everything is slower inside a train and that is exactly why we like them so much. To keep you entertained, we leave you with these ten proposals (there are many more). While we continue to dream and prepare a small manual of tips to make these trips a real pleasure.

Happy travels!

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