Ten tips to successfully overcome a long-duration flight

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It is that time of the year when we start think about the next vacation. Those weeks of prolonged absence from work and distancing ourselves (as far as possible) from everything and everyone. Isn’t it right?

Experience and statistics indicate that it is now when most of us begin to close on the details of our great summer trip. Some will stay close to one of the many islands we have nearby. Others will prefer to get lost in Europe, while the more fortunate will choose another continent for their time off. We can only think of one tiny problem for this last choice: the endless hours of flight. Therefore, unless you are one of those people who can sleep while flying over oceans and countries, this article interests you.


We cannot reduce flight hours, but we can share our tricks to make them as pleasant as possible. We take off in 3, 2, 1 …

  1. Transfer hours do matter

We start with the most obvious and also the first thing we do when planning a long flight: the ticket. The multiple airline companies and the increasingly competitive ticket prices mean that we sometimes go crazy looking for the cheapest price without considering the physical cost that this may entail. At unuk we support affordable travel, of course, but experience tells us that those additional 50 euros that separate an eternal connection in the middle of nowhere from a connection of 4-6 hours is well worth paying.


  1. Window or aisle?

The million-dollar question. After discarding the business class option for obvious reasons, choosing seat is important in order to make our flight more bearable. There is no single answer to this question since each traveller has their preferences. If you have never stopped to think about it, here are some tips for you to decide before going to the check-in desk.

  • The seats located in the emergency exits offer more space for the legs, although you will not be able to leave the hand luggage under the seat during the takeoff or landing. Many companies take advantage of this space to place a bassinet for the younger travellers. Therefore, it is a perfect seat if you travel with small children. Not so much, maybe, if you want to sleep.
  • The seats at the end of the plane allow you to stretch your legs in the rear area of ​​the aircraft. Of course, the noise of engines is louder.
  • If you travel as a couple, a good trick can be to reserve two seats with a gap in between. If the flight is not full, it will be difficult for someone to choose the one that is free.


  1. Dress comfortable

Flying by plane is no longer a celebrity’s thing so you do not have to get on the plane with your best outfit. In fact, not event with your regular clothes. On long-haul flights, dressing in comfort is the way to go… and using layers. Airplanes have their own microclimate that has nothing to do with the place of origin or destination, so it is best to be prepared to remove or add some layers. It is perhaps not a bad idea to include a spare change in your hand luggage or daypack.


  1. Stay hydrated

The humidity in airplanes drops down to 20%, when the usual at home, for example, is 30%. There is no greater trick than drinking a lot of water, even if that means getting up more than once or two to go to the toilet. Do not forget to buy a couple of bottles of water before boarding or refill your own bottle of water. During the flight they will serve water, yes, but it will be insufficient and every now and then. Alcohol and caffeine do not count, they actually dehydrate you.


  1. Feed yourself

The low humidity inside the airplanes causes our smell and taste to lessen their strength, exactly the reason why the food that they serve during the flight tastes so insipid. Even so, the carbohydrates that mostly serve help us combat jet lag. If this argument does not convince you, do not forget to bring a few healthy provisions such as fruit, crackers or nuts.


  1. Move that body

It is not a good idea to anchor yourself to the seat and got one movie after another. Get up every so often and walk down the alley. Get to the end of the plane, crouch, stand on tiptoe and stretch your entire body before returning to your seat. This will prevent our circulation from being affected and minimize the swelling on feet and legs.


  1. Hygiene routines

Do not change your daily routines just because you are on a plane. That means that during the flight, it is more than advisable to maintain personal hygiene as usual. Brush your teeth, put on some moisturizer — even if you do not usually do so — use deodorant or even change your underwear if that makes you feel cleaner and fresher. At the end of the day, you are in a closed space with many people.


  1. Sleep as much as you can

Seeping mask, ear plugs, pillow and blanket. That is the essential kit for sleeping on a plane, especially if you are one of those who do not have the ability to fall asleep easily. Most airlines already offer some, but it might be a good idea to bring them from home. A good strategy is to synchronize the clock with the destination time as soon as you get on the plane and try to adapt it to the flight to prepare your body.


  1. Plan the flight hours

If you are one of those who cannot sleep on a plane, we recommend that you plan your flight hours well. It is not about choosing the movies you watch or the books you read, but taking advantage of the time, for example, to do those things that you have pending such as writing or developing a project that has been around for a while. You have time and tranquillity and you will get off the plane with the feeling of having used well your time in there.


  1. Get inspired with the destination

If none of the above serves to enjoy or cope in the best way with a transoceanic flight… Breathe, relax and think about everything you will find as soon as you get off the plane. Review the guide, the images that you keep on your mobile phone (if you are actually returning from a trip). And smile and drink up to a new trip.


Happy travels!

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