Ten documentaries that will make you travel far

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Summer is approaching and, with it, the months in which most people enjoy a more than deserved vacation. Sometimes, however, we feel the need to travel far away and disconnect, but we have not just decided on a destination. The possibilities are endless and it’s hard to decide on a single one. For that reason, at unuk we return to the lists that we like so much (of books, films…) to reactivate your traveling inspiration with a selection of documentaries that will transport you far, far away.

Documentales-de-viaje‘Colombia: Wild Magic’

It is impossible not to fall in love with Colombia after seeing a documentary that shows one of the most exuberant nature on the planet. For a long time considered a country not suitable for the most adventurous tourism, this American giant begs to be explored. You will find it on Netflix.

Documentales-de-viaje‘Peru: Hidden Treasure’

This film that can also be found on Netflix reveals a Peru that goes far beyond the Machu Pichu. Peru is also Amazon rainforest, Andean mountains and coast. And of all this, the Uruguayan filmmaker Luis Ara speaks to us in a documentary that combines history, culture and nature.

Documentales-de-viaje‘Expedition Happiness’

From the most exuberant nature to an unforgettable experience behind the wheel of an old remodelled school bus. This is how this document begins, in which we discover the adventures of a couple who travel the United States with their dog.

Documentales-de-viaje‘Living on one dollar’

This documentary, dismantles the idea that traveling is expensive. How? Narrating the story of four American friends traveling to Guatemala with the goal of touring the rural areas of the country for two months with a daily budget of one dollar a head.


This documentary introduces us to the life of a surfing family in the United States who considers that traveling the world is the best school for their two children and, neither short nor lazy, they begin a journey that will take them through 14 countries and through a profound transformation .

Documentales-de-viaje‘180º South’

Documentary for the more adventurous because it narrates the complicated journey of a Californian nomad who followed the path made by Doug Tompkins and Yvon Chouinard, creators of two of the most prestigious sports brands on the planet, in Patagonia. Highly recommended also for those who think about traveling South America.

Documentales-de-viaje‘Life in a day’

This project managed through YouTube brings together a total of 80,000 videos from 192 countries to show us that we are not as different as we might believe. The videos, which show everyday scenes such as brushing teeth or romantic and beautiful adventures, connect us with each other and are a great tool to banish prejudices and fears when traveling to unfamiliar places. The videos, hence the grace of the documentary, all correspond to the same day: July 24, 2010.

Documentales-de-viaje‘The fruit hunters’

This delightful documentary invites us to travel the entire world from the hills of Umbria to the depths of Borneo with a clear thread: the impossible and unique flavors with which adventurers find themselves. A documentary not suitable to see on an empty stomach.

Documentales-de-viaje‘Long way round’

This documentary is perfect for movie lovers as it accompanies the actor Ewan McGregor and his friend Charley Boorman on a journey of more than 30,000 kilometers riding motorcycles – plus a plane to get to Alaska – that travelled to London from New York.


We finish this list of recommendations with which is possibly the greatest reference of travel documentaries. This film directed in 1992 by Ron Fricke is an invitation to be carried away by the history of the earth and its wonders. A visual explosion narrated only through ambient sound and music. Dreamlike.

There are ten, but there could be many more. Any documentary that we have left and you think should be on this list of dream travels?

Happy travels!

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