Ten destinations for a summer of solidarity

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Solidarity trip or international volunteering? Here is the question we posed in our last post. Same essence, but different way of travelling and approaching the reality of other countries or communities. We cannot decide which option is best suited to each traveller, but we can propose destinations and projects that seem very interesting to us and that can help make this a summer of solidarity.


Among our proposals you will find options for all tastes and some of them, also, tested by ourselves. Ready to start travelling the world?

Sea turtles in Costa Rica

Nature lovers and conservationists, but also those who think about getting started on a solidarity trip, have a perfect destination in Costa Rica. A country with multiple sea turtle protection and conservation projects. Tortuguero is the best-known destination, although the adventure is much more authentic and intense in the Corcovado National Park.


Ethnic minorities in Thailand

In the mountains near Chiang Rai there are ethnic minorities such as the Akha who suffer social and political marginalization in one of the most tourist countries on the planet. Various NGOs manage volunteering for a week or more in schools. They offer accommodation and meals in exchange for support in teaching a very basic English to their students.


Children’s homes in India

India is undoubtedly one of the countries that offers more options for both volunteering and solidary trips. It is not a destination, however, suitable for everyone. Many companies and NGOs work with children, women and communities in extreme poverty.


Rehabilitation tasks in Haiti

It has been almost a decade ago of that terrible earthquake that shook Haiti and, still today, there is much work to do in a country that is often left out of the media focus. There are many institutions that continue to work on the ground and it is an unforgettable experience to contribute our bit in tasks such as improving living conditions or food security of the population.


Indigenous Communities in Ecuador

Community tasks, improvement in infrastructure and activities with the youngest are part of the collaboration with the Yasuní indigenous community which inhabits the Biosphere Reserve of the same name. An ‘excuse’ or a perfect reason to discover the lesser-known reality of Latin America.


Local capacitation in Morocco

No need to go across oceans to do some solidarity work. In Morocco, not so far from here, there are interesting cooperation and volunteering projects in both the Atlas and the Rif. All of them seek, above all, the capacitation of local NGOs and the management of solidarity trips by the local population.


Hospitals in Cambodia

We return to Asia, one of the continents where projects that mix travel and solidarity are more common and numerous. In Cambodia, various NGOs manage projects focused on medicine and hygiene. It is not necessary to be a doctor — although it is a nice to have extra — to enrol in volunteering at a hospital. The work is mostly related to the formation of basic hygiene practices for the population.


Panda bears in China

Animal lovers have in China a unique opportunity to work in the protection of the panda bear. A small course is needed once in the country to take care, among other tasks, of the preparation of their food or of the enclosures in which they live.


Refugee camps in Nepal

Nepal is one of the countries hit the hardest by natural disasters. The conditions are really adverse in some areas of the country and volunteering is very common in the region. In addition to discovering areas such as the Chitwan National Park or the Kathmandu Valley, specific actions are carried out in the Tibetan refugee camps. Always accompanied by volunteers from the NGOs in charge of its management.


Environmental protection in West Africa

The conservation of the environment and food security are fundamental objectives of some of the government and solidarity initiatives that are carried out in the Casamance region, which extends between Senegal, The Gambia and Guinea Bissau. Reforestation, agriculture and agro-economic management are some of the tasks that can be done if one decides to travel to this part of ​​Africa.


The list would be endless. There are many volunteer or solidarity programs that exist in most Asian, American and African countries. And of course, in places much closer to us. It does not always need to take hours and hours of flight to be solidary. These, however, are some of our favourites also thinking about the travel possibilities offered before or after the experience. As always, we are all ears in case you have yours or have experienced any of them.

We love learning and growing with you!

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