Ten bookstores that will make you go around the world

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Traveling is our passion, our engine. But it is not always possible to do it. The lack of time or resources sometimes force us to stop travelling for a while. Or to wait from one year to the next to continue discovering the world. Reading is one of our favorite ways to appease our desire for adventure and, therefore, this post is dedicated to those places that allow us to travel with our minds and without leaving home: bookstores. But not just any of them, rather the most special and spectacular ones out there so that reading becomes another way of going around the world. Are you joining us?

Livraria Lello and Irmao (Oporto)

We start with libraries that are relatively close to us. In Porto, for example, you find the spectacular Livraria Lello and Irmao. Year after year, this bookshop is considered to be the most beautiful in the world … and possibly the most famous too, since the scene of the Harry Potter saga was filmed here. You have to pay entrance fee, although it is discounted from the price if you buy books in it.


Cook and Book (Brussels)

Travel and read, read and eat … almost invincible synergies and combinations. Both are in this peculiar bookstore in Brussels in which one has the feeling of being in a kind of supermarket in which to find almost any type of reading. The bookshop is divided into eight sections and each of them has a gastronomic space according to the theme. A pleasure for all the senses.


The Atlantis Bookstore (Santorini)

The beach is usually one of the places where one reads the most during the holidays. Hence, a group of expatriate friends decided to open one of the most romantic bookstores in the beautiful island of Santorini. His books will make you dream of touring the world from sunset to sunset.


Bart’s Books (California)

The largest outdoor bookstore in the world is located in Ojai and practically does not sleep. The books accumulate on shelves that face the street or an interior patio where you can also enjoy the good temperatures and the Californian sun. A different way of understanding the world of books.


Word on the Water (London)

This curious floating bookstore travels along the London canal between Candem Lock and Paddington. In sunny days it is a great plan to sit on the lawn next to the canal while reading a book or enjoying the many cultural activities that are organized around this ship full of books.


Polare Maastricht (Maastricht)

This bookstore competes for the title of the most beautiful in the world with Lello and Irmao. It is located in a cathedral of more than 700 years perfectly preserved and adapted to the needs of readers who want to travel to the past with their minds.


The Strand Books (New York)

The singer Patti Smith worked a season here. It is not an especially beautiful bookstore, but it has more than two million books among which hesitant travellers will struggle to choose travel and history books.


Librairie des Colonnes (Tangier)

Its door and red columns are unmistakable and an oasis of peace in the always bustling Tangier. His books in both Arabic and French, English and Spanish make this small place with charm in an essential refuge in any tourist route through the city. Illustrious people like Beckett have passed through it.


Ateneo Grand Splendid (Buenos Aires)

It is the only bookstore in the world that is inside a large theater. The book shelves run along the balconies, corridors and stalls of the old Grand Splendid, which preserves both its spectacular painted cupola and the red velvet curtain. The stage has been converted into a restaurant and a there is always a piano playing.


The Bookworm (Beijing)

More than 20,000 titles fill the shelves of the largest English bookstore in China. This place, which honors book lovers, has become a very active cultural center in Beijing. Locals and foreigners come here in search of novelties, great classics and exchange of ideas and cultures.


Reading it’s about that: exchange ideas, stories… to travel to a different place even without leaving home. To discover other worlds and points of view and keep growing.

Who would like to join?

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