Survival kit for music festivals

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Not the kind of spring season we all expected following the month of March we just experienced. The temperatures evoke airs of summer as much as they suddenly feel like the cold winter. But even so, it is the season to max each day, share laughter and life on the street … and even more so at the upcoming music festivals.


Yes, the first of a long list of festivals begin in April. They are responsible for turning on the engines for the summer festivals. Those that populate the weekends from May to practically October, and for which you have to go well prepared. Therefore, at unuk, we want to dedicate this post to all those intrepid ones — because sometimes you that is what it takes — who have got their multi-pass for one, two or three festivals this year. Obviously, we will not talk here about the quality of this or that festival. Rather, we will recommend what we think you should not be missing in a good survival kit. Take paper and pencil and let’s get to it:


Sleeping is not usually among the priorities of those who attend a music festival. Too many concerts to attend, a strong sun that does not allow to stay too many hours inside the tent. If you are one of those who likes to camp out, a travel mask will allow you to steal a few hours to the sun. And, why not, a travel pillow will also allow you to rest in a better way, either at night or in the hard drive back home … if you do not have to drive.



When thousands of people come together in a musical festival, it is important not to hesitate when it comes to having our belongings in check. Both those we take with ourselves and those we leave in the camping area or at the hotel. A good padlock to guarantee that no stranger enters our tent and a travel wallet of the kind that we have all taken while traveling cannot be missing in our basic kit.



Many of the music festivals held in Spain offer music programs during the day as good as the ones at night — and not just at the musical level. Therefore, in the backpack one cannot forget carrying a good sun protection for those after-hours resting on the beach — if it is one of those festivals taking place on the Levantine coast — or some drinking some pints in the town square — if it actually takes place inland. Or for an afternoon at the VIP water pools that more and more festivals seem to be incorporating into their appealing activities.



Basic and versatile, so are the microfiber towels — perfect for a trip or a music festival weekend. Both can be used for the shower and to throw on the sand or on the lawn of the festival when our strengths falter and a break is needed between concert and concert.



Running out of battery and not being able to find your friends at the festival is a problem, a serious one we would say. The first thing to do in this regard is to pre-establish a meeting point that is easy to access, but not too obvious to prevent everyone from choosing it too. The second thing, to charge the phone and not lose the cable between comings and goings. The solution: a cables and devices organizing bag to have everything perfectly tidy inside the tent or in the hotel’s room.


Household utensils — if camping out—, band aids for hurting heals caused by rubbing shoes after all those long and multiple walks between stages, a poncho if the forecasts mark rain or a sealed case for the mobile phone just in case… All basic elements too when preparing the suitcase to successfully go through the experience of a musical outing. And, of course, the right attitude to enjoy, dance and sing your voice out to those multiple hit songs that will be for sure played by your favorite bands.

Let the show begin!

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