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Who has not ever fantasized about leaving everything to devote oneself to travel the world without a return ticket? We, yes, and almost all the inveterate travelers we know. What stops us? Many things like conventions, acquired responsibilities, mortgage, family or simply fear of uncertainty and unstable. And the million dollar question: what am I going to live on?

More and more, and not only young people, however, those who decide to give themselves permission to experiment for a while. Leave your jobs and look for another way to live and grow, even with family. Travel, discover and find places to settle for weeks, months and who knows if forever. Thus began small businesses in unexpected corners. But as these things do not arise overnight, first we must start with the fundamentals: savings to allow us to travel quietly during the first months or while we look for the first of our jobs because this post is about that, of traveling and working . To live travelling.


Such a change of life or a fantasy come true needs your preparation time. To get those savings, but also to investigate and be clear, a priori, how to finance the trip and your life away from home. How to save or, at least how to do it, is relatively easy, we want to contribute some tips or ideas when getting to work during your great trip. We have no original and infallible formulas, but usual and practical ones.

The first thing we recommend at unuk is to make a list of possible jobs / skills that we believe we can develop in any other country in the world and do some research. Even, sometimes, it is possible to contact places where we would like to be able to work and test the land. Of course we want to work for others. If what we want is to work on our own, then it is about laying the foundations of our business path before leaving … and embarking on the adventure, knowing that both options will have their complications.

In the service sector

If you are young (lucky you) you can always apply for a working holiday visa in some country like Australia and spend a season picking fruit on a farm and then continue traveling with your wallet full. In this article we already explain how to do it. You can also work in the service sector as a waiter or working in a hotel for as long as you are in the area. In many hostels, accommodation and meals are offered in exchange for a few hours of work.


Language teacher

Languages ​​remain fundamental when travelling. English dominates above all, but speaking Spanish remains a point in favor for all those travellers who dream of working while traveling. It is only necessary to drop by a cafeteria with the typical corner of job offers, exchanges or trips to share to see the number of people looking to learn to speak the language of Cervantes. For free or through a center, the possibilities are many. Among them, to act as a tour guide.


Professional nomad

Teaching almost everything is always a good option, especially if you dedicate yourself to yoga, surfing … Every day there are more people interested in learning to be disciplines and with a little courage — not to simply say guts — you can find centers or places in those who teach lessons to travellers.


Travel journalist

Writing and photographing the corners you travel through is the dream of many. If you get paid for it, even more. A blog, a digital medium, a travel agency … there are many options to find a showcase for your articles or photographs. There are even platforms where opportunities for digital nomads are hung.


Digital nomad

For digital nomads who do not devote themselves to writing or photographing, they will always have to look for customers at the destination or keep those they already have at home and work via videoconferencing. Graphic designers, web developers… are some of the professionals who can more easily “disappear” from home for a while and continue working while travelling. If you are one of them you are in luck.


Cooks, artisans, musicians … there are many possibilities to find but a job to use, but small income to stay on an almost eternal journey for as long as each one decides. If we apply sustainability to our adventure, we reduce costs and enjoy traveling slowly, living traveling is a possibility, although not suitable for everyone.


Would it be for you? Can you imagine living on an eternal journey of a couple of years? We would like to share experiences, recommendations and ideas with travelers who, like us, vibrate with each new adventure.

Happy travels!

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