How to keep the traveling spirit after coming home from vacation

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It does not matter if you have travelled two weeks, one month or half a year. Going back home after it is always rough. It is inevitable. Hence, the end of summer is filled with articles on post-holiday depression. At unuk we dare not call it that, they seem too strong and important words to us, but we do not hide that melancholy we say that we experience is, perhaps, the only “but” we can put to travel around the world.


We also do not want to return after a trip. Travelling and discovering other places and cultures is addictive, but above all it is exciting. Each day travelled provides new and constant stimulus. Adrenaline is triggered every moment and our capacity for wonder is in fullness. New favourite places, new experiences, new people … Going back supposes, almost always, the opposite. Except if you are part of the exclusive and privileged 1% of the planet. But then you would not be reading this article. True? So here we all share that little trauma that means year after year, trip after trip, return to routine and home.

How to fight it? There are no magic recipes, but there are things that work for us to make that desire to escape again as tenuous as possible. Here are some of them:

Go Back Slowly:

Experience tells us that shock therapies do not go with us. It does not sit well with us to land and go straight into work mode. It is recommended that decompression be gradual and have a couple of days of margin between being back home and returning back work. In fact, it is even more advisable to arrange, whenever possible, a relaxation plan for the end of the trip and thus ensure that you return as rested as possible.


Stay Active:

Sport is one of the best options to combat jet lag and the side effects of a great trip. It activates and helps feel yourself better, especially if you are one of those who always have an excuse to postpone the visit to the gym. The return of the holidays is, without doubt, the excuse or the perfect argument to get active again … and fit.


Keep Busy:

Self-pity is not for travellers. So, the worst thing you can do when you do not want to be where you are — or have to be — is to stay at home and get lost in laments and daydreams. Go out, do things, look for new activities, recover lost time and do all that you never did, but always told yourself that one day you will do. That day has arrived!


Meet Travel Friends:

Returning home is always a good time to sort memories, review the photographs taken and keep in touch with those travel friends you have made. We usually promise to keep in contact, but once at home, it almost never happens. What about this year, are you going to keep those promises?


Plan New Escapades:

Dreaming of new destinations and escapades always helps to overcome the traveller’s melancholy. Get a calendar, find all the possible bridges, calculate the days you have or will have and start to draw the next master plan.


Be a Tourist at Home:

It sounds like cliché, but that does make it less true. Are you sure you know your city well? Usually we are less lazy to travel outside cities than our own. So, take the camera and get lost in those places that you have pending to visit. Look up and with curiosity and gift yourself time. Time where the only obligation is to discover new corners of your city. We are sure that you will not go home empty-handed.


In fact, the best recipe to overcome the return to day to day is none other than curiosity. The travelling curiosity applied to life. Go out, discover things that you have around you and to which, erroneously, many times we do not give the importance they deserve. Try new activities, maybe some of them you have discovered or thought about during a trip, read, write, create new routines, walk aimlessly …


Keep the backpack in the closet, but not the travelling spirit :)

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