Five unforgettable ascents in Europe

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If you have read us for a long time, you will know that at unuk we have a certain predilection for the mountain. Also to escape the heat when it tightens, hence we have written articles with a long list of winter destinations for the summer season. We like to take refuge in nature, avoid the busiest places and reconnect with ourselves away from the stress of the city.


The mountain also allows us to enjoy outdoor activities. Another of our passions. That is why we have prepared an article with five of the best mountains in Europe to ascend and enjoy. Five recommendations as suitable for summer as for autumn if you are the lucky ones that make the holidays when everyone is back. Are you with us For now, we promise that nobody will sweat …

Vignemale, France

We start our mountain route in the French Pyrenees, specifically at Vignemale peak. It is an ascent outside the busiest roads and a medium difficulty. They have several alternative paths, but well signposted, to reach a peak that is 3,299 meters above sea level. Peace and calm are its two great incentives.


Ben Nevis, Scotland

Our next proposal is to reach the top of the highest mountain in the entire United Kingdom. The 1,400 meters high of Ben Nevis are suitable for both beginners and expert mountaineers thanks to the various trails that can be followed depending on the experience and physical condition of each. It takes between 3 and 6 hours to reach the summit and good shoes since the local changing climate sometimes plays bad passes. Here you will find recommendations so that a pair of boots do not play tricks on you.


Mount Olympus, Greece

This is, without a doubt, one of our favorite mountain destinations in Europe because it combines an ascent with history. The mythology of ancient Greece tells us that here was the home of the Gods. And it is not difficult to believe it with the views offered by the almost 3,000 meters high of a mountain that requires about seven hours to reach its top.


Matterhorn, Switzerland

It is not the highest peak in the Alps, but the most spectacular for its perfect pyramidal shape and the views it offers from its 4,478 meters high. It is not a mountain suitable for all audiences, since the continued presence of snow and ice forces to go perfectly equipped and in very good shape. The trails that lead to the top of the Matterhorn are demanding, so we recommend that you take a look at the article in which we talk about how to get in shape for a challenge with these characteristics.


Mount Elbrus, Russia

We close our list with a challenge in capital letters as it is the highest mountain on the continent. Mount Elbrous ascends to 5,647 meters high, so it is only suitable for great experts in the field. It is located in the Caucasian mountain range and almost natural border between Russia and Georgia. There are two possible routes to reach the top and both are equally difficult and demanding. It also requires an acclimatization process due to its height, so its ascent should be done in sections and with a base camp near 3,000 meters.


As you can see, there are ascents that require more planning in terms of days and fitness. Others that can be improvised with a certain margin and a single day of ascension. Easier and almost impossible, but we like challenges as much as providing you with travelling inspiration. So we would love to know if any of you have followed any of our mountain recommendations.

Happy travels!

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