Five routes to travel by bus

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Those travellers with accumulated years of experience might still remember those eternal end of school trips on bus. Long hours that were first faced with excitement, conversations and jokes and that ended with most of us half asleep or listening to music on our old Walkman or Discman. Fourteen hours, for example, between Barcelona and Paris many years ago. Some memories, hu?


With the democratization of airline ticket prices, many of us promised ourselves, in a certain way, not to go through those long bus journeys anymore. But the truth is that it is a promise almost impossible to fulfill if you are a traveler of those who get lost in any corner of the world. Especially if, as at unuk, you enjoy the most remote places on the planet. And there are many places and routes that today are still impossible to do if not by bus, coach, mini-bus or van … And, as we did a few posts ago with the train, today we want to pay tribute to some of the most significant and impressive bust routes there are. Here we go!

Australia and the East Coast

By now you will have already guessed that we have a special devotion for the Antipodes. It turns out to be an incredible country and almost impossible to take it all in. Almost 2,500km separate the cities of Cairns and Sydney or, what is the same, the well-known east coast. It is the busiest and most visited route in the Australian continent and only the road allows you to enjoy it to the fullest. There are hop on hop off bus services to break in different legs the 27 hours journey between the two cities.


South America and the Transoceanic

For some time already, it has been possible to travel the 6,300 kilometers that separate the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro (Atlantic Ocean) from the Peruvian city of Lima (Pacific Ocean). It is a route that takes 4 days in a double-deck bus. There is not enough time to make stops but, in exchange, you can go through some impressive landscapes such as the savannah, the largest marsh in the world, the Amazon rainforest and even the Andes. The most difficult point is that of Cuzco, since the Andes are crossed here at almost 5,000 meters of altitude. Needless to say, it is a trip not suitable for the faint of heart.


Myanmar and the mountain area

Myanmar is one of those countries that can still be discovered without excessive mass tourism. The price to be paid, however, are infrastructures that require the majority of journeys on regular local buses. There are VIP services for tourists, but the experience is not the same. Especially impressive because of the mountain descent is the fourteen-hour journey between Hsipaw and Bagan.


Tunisia and the Roman empire

The African continent is one of the places where you travel mostly by road, although almost always in 4×4 vehicles or minibuses. One of the countries in which regular bus travel is widely available is Tunis. This North African country has routes of up to 1,600km in which to enjoy such special places as the Great Mosque of Sidi Oqba Ibnu Naffa, the Byzantine Roman ruins of Sbeitla, the dunes of the desert or the immense salt lake of Chott El Djerid.


Europe and its history

There are many options for traveling around Europe by bus, as it is also the case to do so by train. But we especially like the routes that link cities with a great past, such as Prague, Budapest or Vienna. Acceptable routes and not excessively long. With stops where time seems to set still, but also run faster than usual before so many wonders to discover. Of course this is our personal preference, but there are as many as colors are.


Indeed, there are many options within and outside Europe to travel by bus, especially in Asia, a continent where much of the travel cannot be covered in any other way. So we would love, as always, to know your most unforgettable bus trips and expand the list 😉

Happy travels!

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