Five routes by car to get lost in Europe

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At this point of the year, there are many of us who already have virtually no more vacation days left. We have spent almost all of them — if not all — during summer, and the next one is still too far. Yet, we begin to dream already about our next great trip. Know that you are not alone, it also happens to us!


We act like a crazy person, looking for the next long weekend on the calendar and doing engineering with our days off to plan some escapade that lightens this desire to go back out on a trip. Therefore, this week we want to propose 5 affordable and assumable possibilities for those 4 or 5 days that we still have left. It is about 5 of the best car routes in Europe. Easy, cheap and with incredible views that have nothing to envy to the great routes of the world. It is not necessary to go to the United States or the Antipodes, or rent a 69 Mustang to enjoy a few days behind the wheel. So, if you want to learn about some of them, you just have to keep reading us.

Ring of Kerry (Ireland)

The exuberance of the Irish countryside shines with its own light in this circular route of barely 200 kilometres. It is advisable to visit it in several days and enjoy, as well, its many corners out of a magic tale. Castles, forts, waterfalls, beaches and infinite viewpoints are concentrated in this region of south-west Ireland, where the landscape becomes bluish green and the tones of brown seem almost endless.


The Route of the High Alps (France)

This road, built specifically for tourists who love the mountains enjoy a scenic route, is a delight both for those in love with driving and with nature. This route runs through the French Alps through 4 natural parks and a total of 16 mountain high passes. Lake Geneva is one of the highlights of the route. Don’t even think of missing it!


Amalfi Coast (Italy)

History, architecture, gastronomy and dreamy landscapes are intermingled in one of the best areas of Italy to visit by car. Its charming villages and the sea breeze have turned this region of southern Italy into stiff competition for Tuscany and its bucolic landscapes.


Estoril Coast (Portugal)

Portugal is becoming one of the most fashionable destinations for European tourism. Its cities, but also its almost unknown coastline receive more and more visitors each year. And is not for nothing. Touring the Portuguese coast from Estorial to Sintra is a real treat for the eyes, but also for the palate.


Route 500 (Germany)

Germany is a paradise for people who love road trips. Its wide roads allow multiple options to get lost for a few days behind the wheel. There are tours for all tastes: medieval, forestall… Our favourite route and, also the shortest, is the one that crosses the Black Forest. From the Rhineland plain to the Vosges mountains in Alsace and even stretching to reach the Swiss Alps. A scenic route through the most mountainous and rural heart of Germany.


Before finishing, and without the intention of looking like a sermon from your parents: be careful on the road. Travelling by car can be liberating, economical and fun, but always respect the road rules and the speed limit… and, above all, do not forget your toiletry kit and the sickness pills if you are one of those who have a bad time with curves!

If you plan to camp, here we leave this article about everything you need to know to do it.

Drive on!

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