Five great trails to travel by walking

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In today’s post we go back to our alternative travel proposals. We have already talked about routes by train, by bus and even sportive routes — if running is your passion. Today we approach those roads that deserve that we wear proper shoes and fill our emergency kit with powders, plasters and anti-chafing creams. You guessed it! Today we bring you five great walks around the world.


Before starting, however, four basic tips to enjoy the routes rather than suffering them. The advice that we gave you some time ago when choosing a good footwear is still valid here, plus some fundamental preparation that all hiking requires. It will be more or less intense depending on the kilometers and the hardness of the route. But it is advisable to start walking similar distances several months before and to increase the duration as we get closer to our trip. It is advisable to take a look at another one of our articles on the physical preparation necessary to avoid struggling with the backpack over your shoulders.

Reviewed all this, now yes, we begin with our suggested routes that go beyond the walking tours that almost all European cities offer to visitors. Our routes take us to Wales, Eastern Europe, the Antipodes or the United States. Are you joining us?

The Coast of Wales trail (1,400 km)

Near Spain we find one of the newly created trails. This route, which runs along the coast of Wales, was created in 2012 and goest through eleven natural reserves along the way. From white sand beaches to cliffs and passing through castles or the industrialized Cardiff.


Throughout the different stages, this route has hostels, hotels, campsites and picnic areas, as well as emergency telephones strategically located every few kilometers.

The Sultan trail (2,200 km)

We continue in Europe to recover one of the most important and relevant routes in the history of the Old Continent. This path of more than 2,000 kilometers formerly linked the cities of Vienna and Istanbul following the route that Sultan Soliman I once made. In fact, the path ends at the tomb of this ruler in Istanbul.


Until you reach it, you must get across countries such as Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and northern Greece. It takes between two and three months to cover it in its entirety and we must bear in mind that the most mountainous area of ​​Bulgaria is only open from May to October.

The Te Araroa trail (3,048 km)

To cover the 3,000 kilometers of the Te Araroa path we will need to travel more than 19,000 kilometers by plane, or what is the same, to travel to our antipodes, since it is located in New Zealand.


Te Araroa crosses the mountain ranges of both islands from north to south on a path divided into almost 300 sections designed for those who do not have the 150 days that are estimated to be needed to complete it. In fact, the New Zealand government estimates that only a hundred people manage to complete it every year. An extra motivation for hiking enthusiasts as the rugged landscape elevates the difficulty.

The Appalachian Trail (3,700 kilometers)

If we talk about hiking we must include one from the United States. Among all its trails, perhaps the best known is: the Appalachians and its 3,500 kilometers that cross nothing less than fourteen states.


Although it runs through the Appalachian mountain range, this trail does not have high peaks, but there are plenty of terrains that make it easier for the most inexperienced to get lost. A good map and GPS are essential in a trip that only the most prepared ones are able to travel in one single attempt. That’s not including the unofficial extensions that exist on this path both to the north (Canada) and to the south (Florida).

The Great Himalaya trails (1,700 km)

The highest trail in the world is not suitable for anyone although the distance, in comparison with the other recommended paths, may make it seem so. There are ‘only’ 1,700 kilometers to cover, but weather conditions make it one of the most difficult routes on the planet.


Many tourists who travel to Nepal complete some of the stages that make it up, but only the best prepared athletes can complete the 1,700 kilometers between Kashmir and Tibet. There are two routes within the trail: one that runs at about 2,000 meters and another that reaches altitudes that exceed 6,000 kilometers.

Any brave traveller reading this?

Happy travels!

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