Five basic tips to survive a heat wave

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In summer it is hot, yes. It is an obvious statement that sometimes we forget when, after spending all winter damming the cold, we find thermometers that exceed 30º and work forces us to stay in the city instead of at a beach bar or in the destination of our highly desirable vacations.

Those complaints, however, are justified when temperatures soar and we experience what is popularly known as a ‘heat wave’. Even those who love heat are not able to stand it when the thermometer is dangerously close to 40º. More if the high temperatures take us by surprise in the middle of the trip, even more if it is not extremely hot destinations.


How then to survive that stifling heat that hits our vital rhythm? At unuk we do not have a master recipe, but what we have is years of experience in countries with high temperatures and a string of tips that we hope can be of help now that the quintessential holiday month is approaching.

Stay hydrated

Drink a lot of liquids. Water, but also fruit juices and liquids with mineral salts. Drink without thirst. Dehydration takes over you without warning and it is better to prevent its possible symptoms and consequences. The most practical is to get a thermal bottle that allows you to maintain the water temperature at all times and fill it with either a bottled or tap water. If this second option is chosen, the quality of the drinking water in the country in which we are located must be taken into account. Not everyone has a quality system.


Avoid the central hours of the day

We are not going to fall into the stereotype of the nap, but to avoid doing any outdoor activity during the central hours of the day. It is a good time though to schedule that visit to the museum on duty that never seemed to fit into the trip schedule or that exhibition that you have been recommended by another guest at the hotel. Another option may be to find a good restaurant and enjoy a light and fresh meal avoiding fast food and alcoholic beverages, as well as those with caffeine because they both favor body dehydration.


Use the public transport

It is not a recommendation thinking about the air conditioning, since we know that in many occasions it shines by its absence. But we do it thinking about avoiding long walks under a full sun. At unuk we are fond of walking either in the city or out in the nature, but it is not the most reasonable thing when we talk about a trip in a place experiencing a heat wave. Whenever possible, public transport will save us effort, energy and risk of suffering a heat stroke.


Reserve online

The new technologies — some day we will have to stop talking about them as new — allow all kinds of online operations through the mobile phone or tablet. One of them is booking tickets and entrances without the need to make long lines in full sun. This detail, as well as acquiring a quick pass to avoid crowds at the entrance of the most tourist places, will be great allies in the heat wave.


Protect yourself

In a travel kit you must always include good sunscreen to prevent your skin from suffering the consequences of the sun. Also, an umbrella which useful not only for possible rainy days. An umbrella, in this case, it is ideal to combat direct sun rays, as it is common in many Asian countries. At first it can feel strange to take out our umbrella in the middle of August, but it will be a matter of minutes before everybody around us regrets not having one themselves.


For those who are especially sensitive to the heat, one last tip: choose a vacation destination within the opposite hemisphere, where there is no chance of a heat wave. Here we leave you some places to take refuge. Who said there are not enough options? 😉

Happy summer!

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