Carnivals of the world

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Carnival is one of the greatest celebrations of the year where dressing up and masquerade take place in street parades with a certain circus ambience that gives the whole thing a sense of illusion and magic. The main celebrations usually … Read More

Committed to the environment

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Our activity is inextricably linked with the environment. We travel, and thus we piggyback many things sometimes must fall by the wayside. One of our concerns is to preserve the environment where we live and raise awareness of environmental sustainability. … Read More

Folding aluminium cloth hanger Uluru

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With this light-weight and practical cloth hanger you can now properly hang your favorite clothes wherever you go — outdoors and indoors! Scroll through the images to see how it works! Available in our shop for only 8€

Sustainable tourism infographic

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Tourism has an impact in local communities and the environment, that’s a fact. However, as travelers, there are things we can do to minimize that impact and, if possible, make it a positive one – both for you and the … Read More

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