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It is been a while since we have taken a virtual tour of the planet that we like so much at unuk. Around the world with the mind, but through its flavors. We did it with the spiciest dishes, with the most typical desserts and even the most original breakfasts. Now, and considering the fact that the heat is becoming stronger lately, we suggest you a walk through the most refreshing and delicious drinks in the world. What do you reckon?


Being well-hydrated is basic in our day to day, but also in those exotic and demanding trips that many of us prepare for the holidays. So, the following drinks may well save you in one of those mornings or evenings of unbearable humidity or entertain a good time at the terrace while reading. Non-alcoholic and delicious drinks. Our favorites!

Lassi (India)

It is a drink made from yogurt originating in the Punjab region of Pakistan. In its classic version, this traditional Indian drink can be salted and spiced with cumin, pepper and other spices. The sweet version, perhaps the best known, is added sugar and fruits like mango. With a thick texture, it is served very cold and it is specially refreshing.


Mate (South America)

It is difficult to establish to which country this drink of pre-Columbian origin belong, also very established throughout South America. Argentina and Uruguay could be its main consumers, but not the only ones. It is an infusion of matted and ground dried herb leaves. It has a bitter taste that can be mitigated with sugar. It is stimulating and antioxidant.


Kelapa Muda (Indonesia)

It is the quintessential drink in Indonesia. Made from coconut water, this drink is served in a glass or inside the very cold young coconut itself, with vanilla syrup, coconut meat from the actual coconut where it is served and, sometimes, with extra sugar or honey.


Shikwasa Juice (Japan)

The Shikwasa is a small green citrus that is also known under the name of Taiwan mandarin or flat lemon. It is the base of this refreshing and acidic juice that is prepared in Japan and that is marketed mainly bottled and with sugar.


Teh Tarik (Malaysia)

Considered the official drink of Malaysia, the Teh Tarik could be considered the tea version of the cappuccino tea that we all know. It is a black tea with condensed milk to which you can add, depending on taste, ginger and water. The peculiarity of this drink lies in the way it is prepared since, once infused the tea, it is poured from one cup to another as if we were pouring cider.


Thai Iced Tea (Thailand)

If there is a famous tea drink in the world, it is the Thai Iced Tea. This drink traditionally served in a plastic bag and on crushed ice is the salvation in the days of high temperature in the exotic Asian country. Tea, milk (whole, powdered or condensed) and sugar are mixed before being poured over the ice and then covered with evaporated milk.


Turkish Coffee (Turkey)

Coffee lovers have an obligatory stop in Turkey to enjoy a drink that is considered Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. The reason? The method of preparation with a small cup called Cezve. The Arabica coffee is ground to the consistency of the flour and served in small cups without a handle and with a glass of water.


Feeling thirsty? We certainly are 😉

Happy travels!

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