5 key features to look for in any travel pack worth your while

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In a different post we’ve talked about how to choose the right travel pack. So here we’re just going to show you the 5 main features that only true travel backpacks possess when compared to backpacks that are not meant for circling the globe.

#1. Shoulder straps system vs. Front carrying system

Carrying your daypack in the front without a proper carrying system in your main pack is not optimal. Instead of helping you balance the weight you carry on your shoulders, it will make you adopt a bad back posture when trying to avoid the front pack constantly from falling down your arms.

Sistema frontal de carga

#2. Top opening vs. Full contour opening

Having a single contoured zipper will allow you to easily access all your content inside your backpack. Be smart and forget about having to stick your hand all the way down the sack hoping you reach what you need or, even worse, having to empty the whole bag just to find that thing you packed at the bottom of your backpack.

Apertura total

#3. Regular zippers vs. Lockable zippers

There’s no use in having multiple access points and pockets in your backpack if you cannot lock them and keep your belongings at safe. That’s why making sure that every compartment on you backpack features double zipper system with lock holes is really important.

Cremalleras para candado

#4. Exposed straps vs. Concealing back

So simple, yet so practical: a protection cover system that hides underneath when you carry your backpack, but can be taken out to conceal your shoulders and hip straps avoiding getting them dirty. Most importantly, it can prevent them from being damaged or trapped in that baggage carrousel.

Panel protector posterior

#5. Color preference vs. Safety preference

We also like bright and happy colors, but when it comes to travel backpacks it’s not a bad idea to stick to a more inconspicuous color palette. That way you can keep a low profile while traveling and avoid undesirable attention from crooks and not-well-intentioned people.

Colores poco llamativos

We could say it louder but certainly not more clear: if you plan to go travel, you better get a backpack made for travel. You won’t regret it!

Happy travels!

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    Thanks-a-mundo for the post.Thanks Again. Haeger

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