The brand

Established in Barcelona in mid-2013, offering quality travel products, innovative and practical, designed from the point of view of a traveler with a backpack.


From the beginning of travels, explorers and travelers alike have used the stars and constellations in the nightly sky to guide themselves when navigating the earth. Today, most people use advanced devises that facilitate and make the task of orientation much easier. Yet, feeling a bit nostalgic of those old days, when one had very little idea of what would encounter at their destination; and when the only thing that one could count on were the sky and the stars above one’s head… we came across a name that summed up perfectly this feeling and that is guiding us in our new adventure as a brand: unuk.

unuk, an abbreviation of the etymological name “Unukalhai”, is the double star that is part of the Serpens constellation and which can be seen from the Earth with the naked eye.

unuk reminds us of the great adventures that travels can be, while also suggesting that, no matter how far or different we are from one another, we look at the same stars at night, which brings us closer as humans living in the same world.

The Backpacker Spot

Founded by a relentless backpacking traveler that wandered the world for over 10 years, living in different countries and visiting a few others while in between places, he went back to his native Barcelona to start a whole new adventure.

The Backpacker Spot was born in an attempt to bring practical innovative backpacking quality products at reasonable price to those that choose to travel the world on their own — taking only the absolut necessary and packing accordingly. Travel light with all you’ll need inside your backpack.

Our philosophy

We are passionate about traveling and learning about other cultures and ways of life. That’s why we are a big supporters of sustainable tourism, which has provided us with plenty of inspiration for our current and future products.

We care about the environment and the planet’s preservation. That’s why we try our best to minimize our carbon footprint even as a small business — we follow a “zero-plastic” policy in all wrapping, packaging and decorative elements used in the orders we receive for our products.